Laputa - Floating island in the sky - hand made

Laputa - Floating island in the sky - hand made

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Hand made to order Laputa.

"Laputa is an island floating in the sky."

Hand made with:

  • 100% pure new wool felt,
  • Little found sticks for the ladder
  • Filled with merino wool 
  • Cotton embroidery threads

Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation to be made.

As this hand made floating island is unique, each one made will be slightly different to the one in the video. It will include, a house, trees, toadstools, clouds and a little boat.

The floating island was inspired by the Studio Ghibli "Castle in the sky", the floating island was also mentioned in Gulliver's Travels a book written by  Jonathan Swift in 1726.

The floating island is not a toy, it is made as decoration / art piece and will need to be hung from the ceiling on hooks.

This is an original Purely Felt Craft design made by Sandie O'Brien-Pyke.